CES Enterprise Portal

Unifying Critical Enterprise Information Sources

To achieve tangible increases in efficiency, quality and value, the CES Enterprise Portal solution delivers relevant information and functionality unifying critical enterprise information sources.

Based on open standards, CES Enterprise Portal gives you control over your heterogeneous IT environment. Unifying all types of enterprise information from almost any application including: data warehouses, and desktop documents, as well as internal and external Web content and Web services.

CES Enterprise Portal solution unifies diverse information into a seamless user experience so users can receive notifications, research answers and respond to business events. With state-of-the-art collaboration and unique unification capabilities, the CES Enterprise Portal solution allows you to continuously improve the quality of business relationships. The solution helps you fully leverage your assets to create both immediate results and long-term returns on investment.

CES Enterprise Portal creates value by: boosting business efficiency, enhancing customer relationships and maximizing business value.

Boosting Business Efficiency

  • Unify information from heterogeneous systems into a single user experience that can be accessed from a Web browser or mobile devices.
  • Receive notifications, research answers and respond to business events without leaving the portal.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

  • Improve the quality of customer relationships and processes by accessing more timely information.
  • Eliminate traditional enterprise boundaries by enabling users to work seamlessly across the value chain.

Maximizing Business Value

  • Leverage assets to produce short-term results and long-term return on investment.
  • Transform data into knowledge and knowledge into intelligent action through unprecedented access to business intelligence.
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