CES e-Business

Leverage e-Business to Generate Real Value

In today's economy, it's vital to extend your business relationships and processes beyond traditional boundaries. It's especially important for organizations to participate in e-Business to maximize their business-to-business transactions.

CES e-Business provides a comprehensive solution that provides everything you and your customers need to establish an immediate presence in the fast growing world of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce.

Its powerful tools help you buy, sell, and collaborate without limits. Its proven platform provides a stable, open environment. Its value-added services increase the efficiency and transparency of every transaction.

CES e-Business provides a stable, proven platform with integrated services that adapt easily to all types of companies in all types of industries so it helps you get up and running in less time.

The solution gives you the freedom to build an online presence that fits the way you and your customers do business by using:

  • Custom designed look and feel that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Streamline your procurement process for increased efficiency.
  • Custom reports that allow you to evaluate business activity and trends.
  • Different pricing options such as fixed, exchange or auction systems.
  • Adapt listing, bidding and search features to display products and services.

CES e-Business creates value by enabling you to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve service to your customers.

Discover the value-generating capabilities of virtual business communities. Discover CES e-Business.

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