CES Mobile Connect

The Solution That Keeps Your Business on the Move

With CES Mobile Connect, you can take CES to new people and new places. Keep employees empowered and informed. Enter data, make decisions, and perform a variety of tasks both online and offline. Deliver unmatched levels of service and support to your customers, suppliers, and business partners.

That's why today's market leaders use the power of CES Mobile Connect.

CES Mobile Connect creates value by enabling you to reduce costs, increase revenue, and retain customers.

Reduce Costs

  • Make automation affordable through low-cost mobile devices.
  • Minimize user training through simplicity and ease of use.
  • Leverage existing investments by extending your business processes.
  • A reliable, scalable, and secure architecture reduces downtime and lowers support costs.

Increase Revenue

  • Enhance employee efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating paper systems.
  • Enable fast, flexible decision-making.
  • Extend existing applications to new user groups.

Retain Customers

  • Faster response to customer needs.
  • Permit on the spot order entry and confirmation.
  • Offer personalized products and services.
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