CommoditiesOne Enterprise Solutions (CES)

CES Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Improving Planning, Execution and Management for Supply Chain Operations

CES Supply Chain Management (SCM) gives you the complete integration solution to support your supply chain network operations. You can master the planning, execution, and management of events that often interfere with supply chain excellence. Enabling you to operate more efficiently and reach customers more effectively.

CES SCM provides a centralized overview of the entire supply chain and key performance indicators that help you to identify weak links and potential improvements. Our demand planning tools let you take into account historical demand data, casual factors, marketing events, market intelligence and sales objectives. The supply planning tools allow you to create an overall supply plan that takes into account materials management, production, distribution and transportation requirements and constraints.

The solution allows you to share accurate inventory and procurement order information. You can share information with partners to coordinate production, enabling everyone to work together to increase both responsiveness and efficiency. Through collaborative fulfillment you and your partners can intelligently commit to delivery dates in real time and in turn fulfill orders on time.

CES SCM monitors the execution of: supply chain events, the relevant milestones of a process like the goods issue of a pallet or the departure of a truck and flags any problems that come up. You can define, select, and monitor key performance indicators like costs and assets and use them to gain an integrated, comprehensive view of performance across the supply chain.

When companies want proven, open, integrated solutions designed for collaboration they turn to CES SCM.

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