CES Voice

Creating Powerful Communication Solutions

Whatever your communications requirements, CES Voice provides everything you will need for a world-class telephony solution. It seamlessly integrates Voice over IP (VoIP) and Fax over IP along with high density faxing, call distribution (ACD) functionality, ISDN call transfer, E1/T1/IDSN digital voice line support and much more.

An extensive array of optional features such as text-to-speech (TTS), speech recognition (ASR/OSR), speaker verification controls, conferencing and call center capabilities along with web integration create future-proof solutions for the world of communications convergence.

CES Voice is perfect for Call Center or Help Desk solutions. The solution supports call distribution functionality such as call routing, status, transfers and message on hold. CES Voice allows recording of conversations in full duplex between IVR and caller and between two bridged callers. Recording can be done on either digital or analog channels. This is perfect for automated security and quality control applications.

With CES Voice you can deploy a wide range of fax server solutions, including fax-on-demand, fax broadcast, Internet fax gateways and more. High density faxing is supported allowing for highly scalable solutions that meet your needs.

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