CommoditiesOne Enterprise Solutions (CES)

CommoditiesOne Services

The Right Solutions Need the Right Services.

CommoditiesOne is not just about powerful software. CommoditiesOne is about providing total solutions incorporating high-quality services covering the entire life cycle of your software. CommoditiesOne Services ensure that you are always at the cutting edge of technology and processes, keeping you at the forefront of your market.

Experienced professionals with broad knowledge and superior skills deliver CommoditiesOne Services. Those services are neither limited to implementation, nor to purely technological issues. They are designed to ensure that your business reaps the maximum benefit from CommoditiesOne Enterprise Solutions across the board.

  • Hosting Services - CommoditiesOne Hosted solution provides the most advanced and reliable application hosting and management solution.
  • Custom Development Service - Provides direct access to CommoditiesOne experts who can help you develop custom enhancements to CommoditiesOne Enterprise Solutions. Services vary from project management to complete systems development and maintenance.
  • Marketplace - Provides a portal that offers trading, information, communication, and services delivery. Marketplace is a one-stop Internet portal that delivers access to a full range of content and services relevant to both customers and partners.

Get more out of your CommoditiesOne solutions with CommoditiesOne Services.